Daily Faith Builder

21 December 2021

Read: Luke 1:39-55

While Mary reacted to the annunciation of Gabriel with openness and obedience to the word God sent to her through Gabriel, she still needed assurance.  So, she travels three days to Ein Keren to visit her relative, Elizabeth, who was pregnant at an advanced age. Before Mary’s pregnancy could be a blessing to the world, Elizabeth’s pregnancy was a blessing to Mary. When Elizabeth spoke to Mary it was the confirmation and assurance Mary needed to become steadfast in her commitment and trust. We all need assurance, don’t we?

Both pregnancies were miracles, and they help us understand that nature of Biblical miracles. Whenever something miraculous happens in scripture it is rarely for the benefit of the recipient alone. Whenever someone in the Bible is blessed, it is so that the recipient of that blessing can be a blessing to others. Blessed to be a blessing. Elizabeth was a blessing to Mary, and Mary was a blessing to the entire world. What was Mary’s response? “My soul magnifies the Lord…”  You are blessed to be a blessing!